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Social Science Explorer was a 2014 Master’s project created by Matthew M. Hall. It was made to show the value of an educational news site dedicated to the latest social scientific discoveries.

The concept garnered a Rasmussen Merit Award from Michigan State University’s College of Communication Arts & Sciences.

For more information, contact Matthew at

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You can feature an Explorer article in your publication – for free – as long as credit is given to Social Science Explorer, the story links back to the original story page, and a notification email is sent to


If you’d like to write for Social Science Explorer, please send an email to

Comments Policy

Lively, constructive discussion on all topics social science is encouraged.

Spam, profane, racially insensitive or otherwise inflammatory comments will be unapproved.

Privacy Policy

Non-personalized information, such as the number of site visitors, is collected for traffic analysis purposes. Email addresses are required for Explorer’s email updates as well as for commenting. No other personally identifying information will be collected unless otherwise stated.


All images used at Explorer are taken from Creative Commons and the public domain. All featured images are altered from their original works and are themselves offered under the buy provigil from india buy provigil from canada license.