Slideshow: Humanity’s Traditional Dwelling Places


Humans have constructed all sorts of abodes across cultures and history:

Norwegian grass roofs date back to the time of the Vikings. Image: Jshovland. Matakam huts from the north of Camaroon. Image: Amcaja. A Sarawak house from Malaysia. Image: Egard89. Traditional wooden home from Brasilia’s first district. Image: Steve Evans. Traditional homes in North India. Image: RuckSackKruemel. From the Mongar District, Bhutan. Image: Christopher J. Fynn. A Saami abode from year 1900, Finland. Image: Library of Congress. The Hotel Sidi Driss, a Berber-style underground building that was also a set for Star Wars: A New Hope. Image: Andy Carvin. Vietnamese home on An Binh Island. Image: McKay Savage. From the Greek island of Santorini. Image: Mstyslav Chernov. A Colombian hacienda. Image: (WT-shared) CONOCER at wts wikivoyage. A Peruvian home in Lima retains traces of the city’s Spanish colonial history. Image: WillsYunire. Stilted dwellings from Papua New Guinea. Image: From the book “Woman Triumphant” by Rudolf Cronau. Traditional houses of Safranbolu, Karabük, Turkey. Image: Uğur Başak. An old-style home from the Azores, an Atlantic island chain managed by Portugal. Image: Ruben JC Furtado. Adobe beehive architecture in Syria. Image: James Gordon. “Grass House, Hawaii,” by Louis Choris, 1816. Traditional house from Al Balad, Saudi Arabia. Image: BroadArrow. Traditional Japanese home. Image: Jay Walsh Traditional home in Changua, Taiwan. Lordcolus. A Persian house in Iran. Image: Ali Reza. From Amphoe Bo Rai in Thailand. Image: Khaosaming. Tiebele home decoration from Burkina Faso. Image: c.hug. Very old cave houses in northern Hungary. Image: Ivanhoe65. A Polish wooden house. Image: Christopher Ziemnowicz. A farmer’s house from a South Korean folk village. Image: Diruwiki. A traditional house in the Libyan city of Ghadames. Image: David Stanley. Rural Slovenian architecture is both Mediterranean and Slavic. Image: Ric18Ek. A home in the Cuban countryside. Image: Dominique Michel. “The Log Cabin,” by J. H. Gregg. Log cabins were a mainstay on the American frontier. From Wadi Halfa, Sudan. Image: David Stanley. A home of the Nisga'a of British Columbia. Image: Hans-Jürgen Hübner. Traditional Buginese home near Makassar, Indonesia. Image: Midori. An old house in Sana’a, Yemen. Image: Rod Waddington.
The Hotel Sidi Driss, a Berber-style underground building that was also a set for Star Wars: A New Hope. Image: Andy Carvin.

Featured Image: Turf roof houses on the island of Heimaey, Iceland. Credit: Michael Clarke.